Damaged Ceiling

Remove damaged drywall and clean area.

Repaired Drywall

Install new drywall, tape, mud, and finish.

Sprayed Popcorn

Spray popcorn uniformly on ceiling.

Finished Ceiling

Spray entire ceiling for color uniformity.

Popcorn Ceilings


If your popcorn ceilings are starting to look a little discolored, we can apply two fresh coats of paint on your ceilings, and we guarantee that your ceilings will have the original brand new look!


If your ceilings have water damage, discoloration or (stained) areas, or even worse , the popcorn texture is separating from your ceilings, then we at Finelines have the solution for all of these issues. We can repair the damaged areas on all your ceilings.
If the drywall underneath the loose popcorn is intact, we scrape the loose popcorn from the affected area of your ceiling, then prime the existing drywall with an oil based primer prior to the application of the new popcorn. Apply a fresh new coat of popcorn to the existing primed areas, followed by spray painting two coats of paint to the entire ceiling for color uniformity.
If the existing drywall on your ceiling needs replacement due to extensive water damage, we cut out the damaged drywall, and replace with new, then tape, mud and finish. Prime the new drywall prior to the application of the popcorn texture. Apply a fresh new coat of popcorn to the newly installed drywall area, followed by spray painting two coats of paint to the entire ceiling for color uniformity.

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Recommended Finishes & Products for Interior & Exterior Projects

As professional painting contractors, We are committed to provide you with the best quality products available today. That's why we only use the best products in the industry, to achieve the "Finelines premium finish" that we are known for. We've been using these products for about thirty years, and we stay up with the latest line of products from each of the paint manufacturers, for instance, the low VOC products line, low-odor products line, etc. These products have proven their resiliency to weather, excellent coverage, color uniformity, and long life. It has been our experience, that the products we use, usually last beyond the manufacturer's warrantee.
Because we're committed to excellent service at a competitive price, we pass on our contractor's paint discount to our customers!

Products & Finishes We Use

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