Scope of Work: Interior

Interior walls

All interior walls that are to be painted must first be manually sanded with #80 to #100 grit sand paper. All exposed nail holes are to be filled with a quick dry interior wall patch then sanded to feather out overlapping area. Hairline cracks on plaster walls must first be V'd out, (dugout to form a v shape) and then filled with a drywall-patching compound, this also includes stairway cracks on plaster walls. In severe cases the use of fiberglass tape may be required.

Doors and trim

All doors, doorjambs, base moldings, and crown molding prior to finish coating must first be sanded, and dusted. Protruding nail heads will be countersunk, and then filled with painter's putty. All horizontal, and vertical joints of doorjambs, base molding, and crown molding, will be caulked with a 45 year siliconized painters caulk.

Concealed Conditions

Occasionally the Contractor after moving furniture to access walls for painting reveals an unforeseen condition, which may require additional labor and materials. The Contractor must make the owner/agent aware of these conditions as they appear. Examples of unforeseen conditions are paint delaminating, rotten wood, and water damage on wall surfaces.

Second Coat of Paint

Even though we always use very good quality paint products, like Sherwin Williams, and/ or Benjamin Moore & Co. paints. Due to the unknown porosity of the wall substrate and/or the quality of the existing paint previously used. The application of a "second" coat of paint might be required to achieve the desired uniform coverage that our customers expect. The price for a second coat of paint is at 30% of the original labor price per room as described in the original proposal, plus the paint material needed for the second coat of paint. We usually now in advance that this could occur at the time of inspecting the substrates and the estimating part of the job, at that time we make sure that our customers are aware of the possible situation.


All work to be done in accordance with the "Paint Manufacturing Company's, Specification Procedures Sheet." For Sherwin Williams/ Benjamin Moore & Co.