Scope of Work: Knockdown Texture

Knockdown Texure on Ceilings

Affix 1-1/2" tape @ joint between wall an ceiling. Slide in plastic sheeting under tape to protect walls from texture over spray. Cover all flooring using builders paper to protect floor from texture over spray. Cover all furniture (if any) with plastic sheeting to protect furniture from texture over spray.
OK now we are ready! Spray texture on ceiling, then manually flatten texture with tool to achieve a uniform appearance. When texture becomes dry, it is now ready for primer and paint. Apply one coat of primer to ceiling, then when primer is dry apply two coats of paint to ceiling. When the paint on the texture is dry; Remove the tape and plastic sheeting together, then remove the builders paper over flooring. The use of a vacuum cleaner on the floor is sometimes necessary to remove any dust residue. Finished!

Enjoy your new textured ceilings!