Scope of Work: Paver & Concrete Sealing

Paver & Concrete Sealing

Required Steps:

      Pressure clean paver substrate to remove all dirt and mildew (spot de-grease if necessary).
      Apply a water and muriatic acid solution to paver substrate to open paver pores, then rinse thoroughly. Allow an overnight dry.
      Note: Paver substrate must be thoroughly dry before the sealer application. Moisture on a top coat of any xylene based product will trap moisture and produce exterior surface bubbles.
      Apply "one coat" of Cobble-Coat satin finish xylene based sealer on pavers.
      Note: If pavers have "never been sealed before", prior to our application of the Cobble-Coat sealer, sometimes a second coat of Cobble-Coat sealer may be necessary to achieve the desired mils./ thickness, per manufacturer's directions, for long lasting protection and sheen.

The same scope of work applies to all concrete driveways, walkways, garage floors, etc., with the exception that you have a choice between the Cobble-Coat clear sealer, or a tinted colored sealer by H&C. Both sealers are xylene based products, and protect the substrate in the same manner.
Drying Time: Depending on exterior temperature/ and or humidity.
Light traffic in 2-4 hours.
Heavy traffic in 72 hours.